May: Only Perfect Parts

May is one of the saddest, darkest, and strangest movies I have ever seen. The story of May revolves around a sad, awkward, and lonely girl named May Canady, played by the always wonderful Angela Bettis. May has had a very troubled childhood which included growing up with a lazy eye that excluded her from the rest of society. While she was growing up she had very few social interactions with her peers, and her only friend was a doll that her mother gave her when she was young.

Ultimately the story is about something we have all felt at times, some more intensely than others. Loneliness. Because of her traumatic childhood May never built connections with others. As she grows older that alienation gets even stronger and it forces her to search out any connection she can.

Later in life, she makes a point to attempt to interact with other people, even trying to find love with a man named Adam. Eventually, he rejects her because of her social shortcomings, and May comes to a strange realization…she is never able to find perfect people, only people with perfect parts. She decides that the only option she has is to create a perfect friend from all of the available parts.

There are no perfect people, only perfect parts.

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