Why You Must Watch Bob’s Burgers

I’ve been a fan of Bob’s Burgers since day 1, but have always found it hard to explain why the show is so great. It just IS was about the best I could come up with. The show has such great comedic timing that I often laugh out loud before I can even process why I’m doing it. The A.V. Club’s piece on why Bob’s Burgers is one of the best shows of 2013 does a much better job of explaining that the greatness of the show actually revolves around the oldest Belcher sibling, Tina:

Tina is a hero for a different age. If millennials are going to crown ourselves the generation of New Sincerity—and we will, because despite our pretensions to irony, all we want from the world is sincerity—then Tina Belcher is our queen. She’s free of irony, free of judgment, and disinterested in pretension or artifice. Tina embraces her vulnerability, and so the world embraces her. And if Tina’s our queen, then Bob’s Burgers is the comedy for us: a funny, weird little show about love and acceptance and family that speaks to the weird kid in all of us.

If you love the show as much as I do, then you just get it. If you don’t, give it another shot and just pay close attention to Tina.